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All development types are aimed to achieve community welfare both in rural and urban communities. Communities as development target shall not be only as an object; instead of it shall be as a development subject. As a development subject as well as an object of development, communities should have awareness and capability to observe, analysis, prosperities.

Considering these, Community Development Foundation [Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat] (LPM) EQUATOR shall involve in the process of Community empowerment in all aspects, together with government and other social organizations.

Community Development Foundation [Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat] (LPM) EQUATOR was created on January 5, 1999. It consist of people who having awareness and spirit to develop and empower the community, both in rural and urban communities.


To become a well-established community development foundation with strong specialization
in aspect of facilitation, education, technical assistance, and representation in Community
empowerment efforts.


1. To facilitate community development process.
2. To establish awareness, improve knowledge and community skill in line with their potency and environment.
3. To strengthen bargaining position of the community with third party in regarding to their empowerment.


1 Participative Approach
The success of community development is determined by the approaches. LPM-EQUATOR shall always emphasize participatory approach to support community by support the community to become active participant in enhancing and analyzing their live condition and finally they can formulate the best fit and appropriate action plan for their welfare improvement.

2 Local Language
LPM EQUATOR services are focused on the fi eld level, which closely connected to community as the target beneficiaries. Therefore, the LPM EQUATOR teams will always who able to speaks in local language in order to ease communication.

3 Coordinative Approach
Attention will be dedicated to create good cooperation with related parties which may involve in development process. Therefore, LPM EQUATOR activities are ascertained to be coordinated well to overall development plan.

4 Integrative Approach
The integrative approach perceives that aspiration and communities expectations on the development objective shall be in compliant to the mission of institution, government or other parties who involved in the development process.

Integrative approach is aimed to strengthen integrity and continuity of implementation activity in social level and inter sector to achieve effective and efficiency development objective.

Participatory community development means detail of development activity will be carried out in comply with field condition. Therefore, an activity may need several

5 Flexible and Responsive to Any Change

Adjustments to adapt with growing real condition in the field. The principle of adaptation is to response an urgent situation without leaving professionalism and feasibility of the activity to be implemented.

6 Woman in Development

LPM EQUATOR will pay attention to the development activities that has no gender bias. LPM EQUATOR perceives that principally, men and women have same opportunities in development activities. Hence, this institution will facilitate and improve women as equal as
men in the development activities. Those women should have same accessibility and control with the men in as long as it is not in contrary to social culture and local religion. The condition that may cause gender bias will be strongly avoided. Effort will be devoted to establish awareness all parties regarding to the importance of involving women on any development activities since preliminary, planning, implement-ting, monitoring and evaluation and benefit taking.

7 Strong institution
Strong institution is key element to determine the sustainability of the activity. Without strong institution, the activity will end immediately after the end of assisting period. Hence, the strengthening of institution is important and strategic to ensure sustainability of development activities.

8 Monitoring And Evaluation
The developing activity will be closely monitored and evaluated to ascertain the activities run as expected and to measure it’s the impact.


1. The Catalyst
Accelerating the community development process

2. The facilitator
Becoming the facilitator among the development mission (the government policy and the foundation), technical standard (technical manual) and the need of the community as the object of the development.

3. Advocacy
Doing advocacy effort and taking the part of the community that having complicated problems

4. Assistance
Assisting the community which is funded by self-supporting and others. The assistance team lives with the community until they
can reach and hold all of the stuff as well as the standard that has been considered

5. Forming of Cadre
In effect every program is conducted to prepare the cadres of developing local empowerment. The cadres are conducted to hand over the assistance after the end of the program


A. CSR and Community Development
1. Social Assessment studies of the target group before conducting intervention and empowerment programs (Including CSR)
2. Facilitating participatory planning to deliver right programs for community needs (including CSR)
3. Conducting facilitation /community empowerment that includes soft skills (group capability, accounts and savings and loans) as well as hard skills (farming skills, production and processing, workshop)
4. Conducting participatory monitoring and evaluation of community empowerment (including CSR)
5. Conducting studies on the community empowerment and CSR impacts
6. Conducting cooperation of community empowerment program and CSR, together with various companies both private and government

B. Trainings and Researches
1. Conducting Training Need Assessment
2. Formulation of training modules and syllabus
3. Conducting training impact evaluation
4. Provide training services, such as;
a. Entrepreneurship
b. Usable and proper technology application by various methods such as AHP, SWOT, Balance Score Card, etc
c. Formulation of logical framework and proposals

C. Appropriate Technologies and Small Scale Business
1. Potential mapping of usable and proper technology potentials in one area
2. Disseminations of usable and proper technology
3. Providing Assistances in usable and proper technology works for Small and Medium scale Enterprises

D. Human Aid
1. Accommodate and deliver humanitarian aid programs and activities
2. Perform Kurban activities

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