Appropriate Technology and Small Business

  • Mapping the potential of appropriate technology in an area
  • Dissemination of appropriate technologies
  • Mentoring work appropriate technology for small and medium-sized businesses

Activities Related To Technology and Small Business

Activity Client Location Narrative Description of the Object Date
Efficient Technology Facilitation for Renewable Energy (Natural Friendly) (Expert Team) Ministry of Home Affair – GOI South Kalimantan, Mataram and South Sumatra Facilitate Ministry of Home Affair in assess the potential technology that might be applied in the village and assist the village/community in implementing the technology. The efficient technology define as renewable energy, natural friendly and local based. Type of technology such as bio gas, wind mill, micro hydro and producing oil from plastic waste (kerosene, oil and gasoline). The implementation of project, preparation and logistic directly financed by Ministry of Home Affair. March – July 2012

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