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Founded in 1999, LPM EQUATOR has become a leader in helping build local communities through strong business support. With over sixteen years of experience working with businesses across a spectrum of industries, we have developed a keen insight and extensive infrastructure to offer support across numerous sectors. Our primary focus is helping to support businesses, and through our involvement, to help support and grow local communities.

With support for international businesses, governments, and local companies, LPM EQUATOR is proud to offer services that enable growth, while fostering a positive economic impact on select regions. With a trusted staff of industry professionals who have extensive experience in their fields, LPM EQUATOR is uniquely poised to help offer strategic support and training for local individuals.

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Welcome to LPM EQUATOR,

LPM EQUATOR is a community empowerment organization that was established on January 5th, 1999, together with colleagues that shared the same state of mind i.e. to help the community to be the subject of development.

The potential that exists in society could be synergized with the potential of development by the central government, the local government, partners in private sector, as well as the donor parties to promote the community to become empowered civil society. Until now LPM EQUATOR had established partnerships with the above parties so thatthe benefits of the development on public welfare could be positive and sustainable.

LPM EQUATOR’s journey is still very long, we still continue to strive to see that the people of this country could be empowered. Spirit greetings from us in LPM EQUATOR, God’s speed and be empowered!

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